• {ContinuousRD}

    ContinuousRD is a package that implements regression discontinuity designs when the treatment variable is continuous following Dong, Lee, and Gou (2022)

  • {did2s}

    An R and Stata package that implements the two-stage difference-in-differences imputation estimator as proposed in Gardner (2022)

  • Mixtape Sessions' Causal Inference Library

    A library of high-quality course material for causal inference through Mixtape Sessions

  • {ssaggregate}

    An R package that transforms a shift-share instrument dataset to the "industry" level as proposed by Borusyak, Hull, and Jaravel (2022)

  • Latex Templates

    My set of latex templates for slides and articles. My goal is to make really beautiful slides and papers simple and to do so without "preamble creep"